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Fix your metabolism for a real weight loss miracle

Your metabolism is by far the most critical and powerful key to weight loss. It is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The potential for calorie burn and weight loss is huge. It even controls the results from your diet and exercise. By combining a great metabolism with balanced food and exercise System 10 brings you the best weight loss plan of all.

Weight management specialist to give talk at Croi

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“As much as we want to believe that weight loss and ‘dieting’ is easy, it’s not. And sometimes we need support to direct and help us. It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires planning, effort and motivation. Above all, it requires you to know yourself” says weight management specialist Bernadette Rock who will be in Galway on Monday August 25 to give a free oublic talk on Weight Loss and Weight Management in the Croi Heart & Stroke Centre, Moyola Lane, Newcastle at 7pm.

Digestive problems kill weight loss

Better metabolism and brilliant weight loss with System 10

Nothing is more important to weight loss than getting a great metabolism. It is the weight loss of the future. It makes weight loss much easier. The results are much better. You can keep the weight off easier afterwards. It is the answer to all your weight loss problems.

Better metabolism, brilliant weight loss

Nothing is more important to weight loss than achieving a healthy metabolism. It is the weight loss of the future, making weight loss much easier, getting better results, and keeping the weight off afterwards. It is the answer to all your weight loss problems.

Digestive problems kill weight loss!

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Nothing is as devastating for your energy, health, and weight loss as digestive problems. Bloating, heartburn, indigestion, trapped wind, and the much more serious conditions like constipation, irritable bowel, and diverticulitis can slow down or stop your weight loss no matter how much you diet or exercise.

Lose up to two stone in ten weeks with the System 10 weight loss plan

System 10 has developed a weight loss plan that offers support, fast weight loss, food plans, and much more, and also provides you with a full assessment of your metabolism.

Begin the journey to a healthier, slimmer, you with Motivation Weight Management

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It is mid-January, the waistline is giving the tell-tale signs of the festive over-indulgences, and you’re thinking it is about time to do something about it. Where to start? Well, if you are looking for expert advice as well as the key ingredient of easy-to-follow food programmes then the Motivation Weight Management clinics in Galway city and Tuam are a good place to begin the journey to a healthier slimmer new you.

Losing for their lives — Galwayman aims to lose 1sixteen stone with System 10 programme

25 per cent of people in Ireland are currently suffering from obesity. It is time to stop this disease and help people to understand that it is possible to beat obesity and have a long an healthy life. System 10 is embarking on a mission to transform the lives of the above three people who want to have a new beginning and a chance to live a longer and healthier lives.

Four contestants embark on System 10 Save a Life challenge

David McDonagh, dietician, fitness instructor, designer of System 10, and resident expert on, is embarking on a journey to help change the lives of four Irish people who are morbidly obese. He launched this project on Wednesday October 19 and appeared on Ireland AM that morning with two of the contestants to tell people all about it and what lies ahead of the four lucky contestants who won this opportunity through the System 10 Save a Life project, which had been running for the past six months

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