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Seven reasons to love Lancome at McGorisks

A complimentary gift from Lancome is available at McGorisks pharmacies in Athlone Towncentre and John Broderick Street, Athlone.

Westport area briefs

Additional housing grant funding

Website building in Cloughanover

Campbells of Cloughanover will host a website building workshop on December 5 and 6, from 10pm to 6pm. The workshop is a cost-effective way of building a simple website, and learning how to maintain it. The course will take place over two days combined with advance preparation by phone and email.

Practical advice post-flooding

As we all know by the constant headlines and recent images, flash flooding is an increasingly common problem in Ireland, and its effects are always devastating for its victims. With both the offer of millions from a flood relief fund and rise in insurance claims, concern over cowboy operators comes to the fore.

The Claddagh market

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Grace Henry was born in Aberdeen in 1868. She studied art in Paris where she worked with Andre Lhote. It was there she met the Irish artist Paul Henry, and they married in 1903. They returned to Ireland to paint. In 1912 they went on holiday to Achill Island, and ended up staying there for eight years. They both painted a lot on the island, but also in other areas in the west. Her work was very influenced by Paul in those years. Eventually they moved back to Dublin and, in the late 1920s, they separated. They continued to paint and each developed a major artistic reputation. Grace died in 1953.


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