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Athlone Photography Club eagerly prepares to commence new season

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Founded in 2013 by relevant enthusiasts, Athlone Photography Club will commence a new season of learning on Tuesday, September 2, at 7.30pm.

Experiencing menopause with Evergreen Healthfoods

Menopause is often viewed as a time of great difficulty and this is understandable – it can cause the appearance of a huge range of symptoms that may affect day to day living. However, your body is experiencing the progressive transition of what is viewed in traditional Chinese medicine as a ‘second spring’; here are some of the most common concerns, and suggestions to support you through them.

Ballinahown continue to impress in the combined counties league


2km from home — a short story

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It was a warm summer’s day and Trix Melancholy was sitting in the Pixie tree classroom. She was just about to doze off for the third time that day when something Miss Particals said caught her attention. Trix immediately raised her hand.

How students can take advantage of this unexpected springtime break

As you have all become very familiar within a few short days we are in unprecedented territory at the moment. We are living through a situation that none of us know exactly how to deal with. We may be feeling more stressed, insecure, irritable, unsettled, having irrational thoughts. However we all have the capacity and the responsibility to listen to our Government and our professional medical people and the WHO to do our bit to stop the spread of this virus.

Flash Harry to bring 'a kind of magic' to the Town Hall

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FREDDIE MERCURY was a legend in his own lifetime, and close to 30 years after the Queen frontman's death from AIDS, his legend endures, and he remains one of the most beloved singers in rock.

Study skills

Can you see the movie of your future every single morning? Have you set goals that are realistic or unrealistic? Are you one of those people who sets goals lower than you can achieve because you are afraid of failure? Think BIG and see yourself achieving a big goal, and your brain will start creating the opportunities to help you achieve that goal. Your life will start to fall into place. It is called the law of attraction. If we are positive we will attract positivity into our lives. Visualise success and play the movie of your future and how you want it to be every single day, and the impossible will become possible.

The girl with the green coat, and so on….

Week III

Corofin and Tuam Stars collide again for this honours

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Corofin and Tuam Stars will do battle once again this coming Sunday to determine the 2019 Galway Senior Footall Championship winners.

Making the most of fifth year

A lot of students in fifth year have a tendency to put work on the back burner, deciding that they will worry about it in sixth year. However, because you have more time than a sixth year student to do in-depth revision, the work you do this year can sometimes have more of an effect than what do you do in Leaving Cert, and will certainly lay the groundwork for great success in the Leaving Cert exams. Here are some tips to make the most of the year.


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