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Celebrating twenty five years at Plexus Bio Energy

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Plexus Bio Energy is this month celebrating 25 years of providing specialist treatments for a variety of different conditions from its base in Galway city.

Pain & Letting go...

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What if, to be pain free means, to be free of pain both physically and emotionally. What if I said to live life without illness isn’t a quirk of faith or a chance, something which ‘good luck’ has fated us with, what if it were instead a conscious choice? This is something which I strongly believe; that all illness be it physical, mental or emotional is in a way some form of resistance to life and to what life wants or expects from me.

Do you want to expand your ability to heal yourself and others?

Would you like a very rewarding career in which you enjoy your work and go home happy at the end of the day? There are two places left in this new course in kairos therapy.


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