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GRETB Training Centre celebrates fifty years

GRETB Training Centre marks its 50th anniversary in 2019. It has been at the heart of training apprentices and trainees in the west of Ireland since 1969.

City council supports EU funding for pedestrian bridge at Salmon Weir

The Galway City Council has thrown its support behind a proposed new pedestrian footbridge over the River Corrib, adjacent to the existing Salmon Weir Bridge and in front of the cathedral.

A winning tradition is key to success

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In the past quarter of a century Galway has won nine minor All Ireland titles and five U21 All Irelands, but it is 29 years since they have brought the Liam McCarthy west of the Shannon. While winning national titles at underage level has become a relative norm, Galway has been unable to transfer that success to senior level.

A sequel twenty-five years in the making

Galway manager Micheal Donoghue and his Waterford counterpart Derek McGrath will renew hurling rivalries on Sunday - some 25 years after their first meeting.

New York footballers almost do a Leicester City on Roscommon

All week long we have heard truly terrific accounts of how Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri shocked the soccer world by winning their first Premiership title. From almost being relegated last season, to beating hands down the enormously high spending teams in the league such as Manchester City, Man United, and Chelsea with a collection of off-cuts and rising talents is a tremendous achievement and once again proves what can be achieved by any group of sports players, in any code, if they really knuckle down, start believing in themselves, and get some fair winds behind them.


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