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Veganuary as a healthy nutrition lifestyle?

Cara Cunningham, MINDI, Community Dietitian

Christmas entertaining

During the festive season supermarket shelves are stacked with tins of biscuits and jumbo-sized chocolate boxes. These biscuits and chocolates are also stacked — with calories, fat, and sugar. While they provide us with a quick and easy option to bring to a friend’s house or when we visit our relatives, we all know that boxes of sweet goods can quickly build up and encourage binging.

Christmas entertaining

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, we often have guests calling to visit and it can be hard to think of healthy recipe alternatives to offer. Mince pies are always a crowd pleaser but the store-bought options generally come loaded with butter, sugar, and fat. Preparing your own healthier alternative is easier to do than you may think. These gluten free mince pies store well in an air tight container too, meaning you will always be ready for unexpected guests to arrive.

Brain boosting lunch boxes

High sugar and simple carbohydrate snacks and lunches have a negative impact on a child’s learning and development in school. Try adding the following foods to your children's lunchboxes to support their overall development and help them to stay focused and attentive throughout the day.

Ten portions a day? Here’s how to make a start

New studies have now suggested that we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, but how do we incorporate these into our diet? Adding vegetables to breakfast can be a simple way of getting in some of your daily portions.

Get beautiful eyelashes with LashLuv.

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Seen as a universal sigh of beauty, long, full eyelashes are desired by most woman. Some are lucky enough to born with these stunning eye framers but for those who are not blessed with the seductive eye enhancers, there is huge amounts of time and effort put into applying mascara and curling.

Relief for sensitive skin complaints this summer

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This summer, one-third of Irish people with skin complaints will struggle to find sun protection free of parabens, sulfates or alcohol, ingredients that often cause discomfort and irritate delicate skin.

Evergreen natural beauty bundle

During the summer many of us will be going on a well-earned holiday and or attending festivals, weddings, barbecues, and parties. So it's important that we look and feel at our best. To help you achieve this, the team at Evergreen Healthfoods have put together a fabulous beauty bundle that contains three of their most popular beauty products.

Siúcra’s coconut and caramel popcorn

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Popcorn flavour experimentation is all the rage right now and Siúcra’s coconut caramel popcorn is the perfect summer flavour combination. It is incredibly easy and quick to prepare and makes for a delicious movie night snack that you and your friends will adore. Or, make this simple recipe with children as a birthday party snack. You can even pop it into an air tight container and enjoy on the go if you’re feeling peckish.

What’s the crack – coconut oil?

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Coconut oil used to be the preserve of face and body lotions but in the last year it has become popular, hailed as the latest health food. But what is the evidence to support these health claims – it seems it might not be as black and white as you might think!


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