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Jail for student who kicked nightclub doors

A man who was observed lashing at the doors of the TF Hotel nightclub in Castlebar was before the district court on Wednesday.

Woman sentenced for stealing money from boyfriend’s account

A district court judge was left in utter disbelief after hearing the exploits of a 22-year-old woman adept at “extracting money from foolish Irish men”.

Fisherman charged with stabbing warned to stop ‘codding the court’

A Connemara fisherman charged with stabbing a man during a drunken scuffle over two years ago was warned by a circuit court judge to stop “codding the court” and to take his alcohol difficulties seriously in order to avoid a jail sentence.

Sentence reduced for selling cannabis but another imposed for drunk driving

A circuit court judge reduced a five-month sentence, imposed on a man for selling a small quantity of cannabis, but he directed that another sentence imposed on the same man for drunken driving, run consecutively to the drugs related sentence.

Former Tuam drug dealer must reduce his intake of methadone

A former Tuam drug dealer and heroin addict, who was caught with almost €25,000 worth of drugs in his car and at his apartment last year, has been given until November by a circuit court judge to reduce his intake of methadone before a prison sentence is imposed.


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