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Living with Lyme disease

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Ben Smyth who lives in Kinvara had always been healthy and rarely visited his doctor. However, everything was to change at the end of August 2006 when the father of three adult children became ill. He initially began to complain of a “pinch-like feeling” on the instep of his right foot.

Nutrition guidelines for Women’s Mini Marathon Galway

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Nutrients from good food are scientifically proven to be more beneficial to marathon athletes than the equivalent replicas from supplements. This is often forgotten. On a website dedicated to mini-marathon participants there is a full weekly schedule of what distance competitors should eat.

Healthy eating can make you ill!

In his recent documentary on RTÉ, Philip Boucher-Hayes asked the question “What’s Ireland Eating?” and pointed out that in striving to fill our shopping trolleys with healthy food, we are unwittingly buying food that isn’t as healthy as we think, and is making us ill.


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