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How much are you paying for your car finance?

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More than a quarter (27 per cent) of consumers in Ireland with a car loan have no idea what interest rate they are paying on their motoring finance, according to research recently released by Volkswagen.

Tis a fine state to be in

Hello Mrs Murphy. Cold out, isn’t it?

St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union will set the wheels in motion

Car buying can be a daunting experience, and St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union can help with some simple tips to help in the search for that dream car:

The swearing, the singing, and the scheming

For years now the people of this country have been taking our medicine, swallowing the bitter pill. Sure weren’t we all part of it. We all bought into the dream. The holidays, the cars, the second houses, the au pairs, the gadgets, etc, etc. The flamboyancy of it all. When the banks told us to take out a home improvement loan or a car loan to buy the latest model with all the bells and whistles, or to extend our mortgage and put a few bob into savings, or when they kept increasing our credit card limits, we went along with it. We’re as guilty as Drumm et al, or so they’d have us believe.

Tackle financial concerns with Abacus Financial Advisers

Set up in January 2013, with offices based in Athlone and Dublin, Abacus Financial Advisers are a local, confidential service, committed to achieving sustainable and favourable results for their clients. They specialise in accounting and taxation, business recovery, and debt restructuring. They offer a free initial consultation, and all fees are agreed in advance.

Castlebar Credit Union can get you motoring in 2013

No gimmicks, no extra charges

Special rate car loans at St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union

Car buying can be a daunting experience. St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union can help with some simple tips to help in the search for a dream car:

Castlebar Credit Union 2012 AGM - another very successful year

The chairman of Castlebar Credit Union Ltd, Sean Mc Cann, welcomed the membership to the 46th AGM of the credit union.

Judge picks pigs over bankers

Judge John Neilan has said he would rather lie in the gutter with pigs than speak to the chief executives of Irish banks.

Castlebar Credit Union has the car loan for you

There are many reasons to choose Castlebar Credit Union if you are looking for a car loan, if you are looking to upgrade or get your very first set of wheels. You can shop around for the car you want, you have the bargaining power. Car loans have free life cover at the great interest rate of 7.5 per cent (7.78 per cent APR). Repayment terms can be up to five years. The interest is not front-loaded and repayments are calculated on the reducing balance of the loan. So the quicker you reduce the principle the cheaper the loan will be. If you are able you can repay the loan earlier with no penalty, and additional lump sum repayments are accepted with no penalty. All loan rates are fixed and the repayment remains the same for the term of the loan, there are also no hidden fees or transaction charges so you know exactly what you have to repay and when. Castlebar Credit Union also offers payment protection insurance as an optional extra.

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