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Deepen your Yoga Practice - become a Yoga Teacher

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Many people go to their first yoga classes expecting to do a bit of stretching and some relaxation. However, something more often happens, as they discover that the feeling they get in their body and the calmness of their mind was something they were looking for but did not realize it until they experienced it. Very soon after they catch the yoga bug.


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Free admission to the Galway Mini Mind Body Experience, Sunday 20th October, The Salthill Hotel, The Promenade, Galway City. Doors open 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Discover the benefits of yoga

We spend our lives in a constant state of rush and worry. Our nervous system has two pathways governing how our bodies work: the sympathetic (stress response, ‘fight or flight’) and parasympathetic (recovery response, ‘rest and digest’) systems. Whichever system is activated dictates how we process our nutrients, store fat, build muscle, recover, sleep, release hormones, etc.

Free music and meditation event

Sahaja yoga meditation is practised in more than 130 countries around the world and works in partnership with the ministry for health and family welfare in India. It is based on the authentic and almost forgotten teachings of ancient seers, with the emphasis on encouraging the mind to move into a state of mental silence, known as nirvichara samadhi.

Hot summer deals at Bikram Yoga Athlone

Hot summer deals from Bikram Yoga Athlone are back! If you are looking for that little push to get back in Bikram Yoga mode, then one of the following deals may be all you need.

Get summer ready at Bikram Yoga Athlone!

The 4x4 challenge is back at Bikram Yoga Athlone to get you fit and healthy for the summer season!

Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut is a Kundalini yoga workshop.

Why you should do yoga

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The 5,000 year discipline of yoga is practised to unite body and mind while promoting health and relaxation. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind, and relax your spirit.

Final two weeks of summer specials at Bikram Yoga Athlone

Don’t miss out on Bikram Yoga Athlone’s summer special offers that are available for the next two weeks only. So, if you have never tried yoga, or always aspired to do so, hopefully this is the little push that you need.

Hundreds take to Ladies Beach for Galway Simon Dip at Dawn

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Over 160 people joined Galway Simon Community for their first ever Dip at Dawn event in Salthill last week. The event was organised on the longest day of the year as an act of solidarity with the almost 10,000 people in emergency accommodation across the country and the many more hidden homeless and in homeless services.


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