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Local Slimming World groups return to face-to-face support network

Slimming World’s research, with its 1.1 million members, highlights that being part of a group is key to slimming success.

The best way to lose weight over 40

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Why does it seem to be so much harder to lose weight when we hit the Big 4-0? Has something magical happened overnight? More importantly, is there any remedy to the situation?

Stop focusing on scale weight

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Scale fluctuations can not only ruin a person’s day but can even end up derailing their diet. But what if I told you that your weight is not the best method for measuring your fat loss progress?

Portion sizes an important aspect of children’s daily diet

Every child is different. Allowing them to eat until they are satisfied is an important part of their learning.

Athlone Slimming World recognise stellar weight loss achievements

A stunning slimming duo has been crowned as Slimming World’s ‘Miss Slinky’ and ‘Mr Sleek’ after achieving an amazing seven stone weight loss between them.

Local slimmers come back together after months of virtual slimming

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Local slimmers are making a ‘comeback’ as their Slimming World group reopens, with local consultants Sinead, Carol, Caroline and Pauline saying they’re excited to be back helping members to lose weight and improve their health in person.

Fix your metabolism to burn that stubborn fat for long term weight loss

With total focus on fixing your metabolism, System 10 can transform your weight loss, energy, sleep, health and much more. A good metabolism is the foundation of everything you are. A good metabolism gets you burning more fat every hour, 24 hours a day. Nothing can beat it for results. It is your weight loss master switch.

Transform your weight loss, health, and energy

Nothing is more important to weight loss than a great metabolism. It is the weight loss of the future. It makes weight loss much easier. The results are much better. You can keep the weight off easier afterwards. It is the answer to all your weight loss problems.

Mayo man is losing weight for charity with Slimming World

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Michelle Corbett is an award winning weight loss consultant from Slimming World and helps her members lose weight by following its food optimising plan.

Sticking to weight loss goals has never been easier thanks to new Slimming World additions at Iceland

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Iceland Ireland has everything you need to slim down for good with some tasty new Slimming World additions now available across its 26 stores nationwide.


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