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Referendum Commission encourages voters in Mayo to use their vote today

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The Referendum Commission has called on voters in Mayo to ensure their voice is heard in the referendum on the regulation of divorce, which is taking place today.

'Radio Éireann was a university of the air for me'

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How did Terry Wogan inaugurate young announcers? Why did the newsreader fall off the chair? What caused Larry Gogan to collapse in giggles? Irish radio is not always as serious as it has sounded.

The impact of Yes on Galway’s political landscape

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From Monday November 16, same-sex marriage will be legal and Insider is looking forward to attending the weddings of her friends in the LGBT community. This follows on from May's referendum, where Insider voted a wholehearted Yes.

Flynn raises concerns of a two-tier Europe at special meeting

Beverley Flynn, Fianna Fáil TD for Mayo and member of the sub-committee on Ireland’s future in the EU, raised her concerns to Mr John Bruton about the development of a two-tiered approach to Europe following Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty protects key policy issues for Ireland - Aylward

Liam Aylward, Fianna Fáil MEP for the East constituency, has said that the legal guarantees agreed by EU leaders for Ireland attached to the Lisbon Treaty do protect key policy issues for Ireland.

What we achieved in Brussels

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Last week the Taoiseach and I met for two days with EU leaders in Brussels. We discussed a series of highly significant issues for Galway, for Ireland and the European Union. These included climate change, an EU-wide economic stimulus package worth some €200 billion and the future of the Lisbon Treaty.

Sinn Féin launches No to Lisbon bid

Sinn Fein Councillor Kathleen Funchion has called on the electorate in Kilkenny to once again vote no to Lisbon.

Why I am voting No to Lisbon – Labour’s Cllr Colette Connolly

Firstly, the Lisbon Treaty we are being asked to vote on is exactly the same treaty the Irish electorate rejected in 2008 and also the Dutch and the French in 2005. The Lisbon Treaty is so called because of the failure to gain agreement to name it a European Constitution, hence the word treaty. Why is it before us again?


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