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Bad form as closing date passes by

Q: The closing date was today. Last night, after much procrastination, I finally opened the application form and started to fill it out. And I failed. Between competencies, experience, and exact number of months worked in jobs I held 20 years ago, and lots more besides, I just couldn't get my head around it at all. Is this a common experience? I hate missing out on this job opportunity but I had no alternative. (AC, email).

Two jobs, same company – should I have a go?

Q: There’s a company I’d really like to work for – two jobs that interest me have recently been advertised there. They even have the same closing date. Should I go for one or would it be a good idea to apply for both? (EC, email).

Panel wanted me to bad-mouth my current employers

Q: I work in a small, tightly-knit sector where everybody knows everybody else. Companies are very jealous of each other’s successes. I recently went for a job interview with one of our main rivals and was amazed the panel spent so long trying to get me to talk down my current employers. For obvious reasons (i.e. because I’m trying to leave), I couldn’t talk my employers up too much, but I didn’t feel at all comfortable badmouthing them and declined to do so. Should I have entered into the spirit of it because that’s what they wanted me to do? (AC, email).

Valuing ‘deep work’ in a world of shallow intrusions

Whether or not it has impacted upon you yet, there is no doubting the fact that a workplace revolution is currently underway. The phrase ‘the future of work’ has become mainstream and enlightened organisations are focusing on how they can cope with the challenges of the new order, while workers, too, are trying to figure out where it’s all going, writes Liam Horan, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers.

Form filling endurance tests take time

Q: The closing date is tomorrow. Last night, after much procrastination, I finally opened the application form and started to fill it out. I failed. Between the requests for examples of competencies, exhaustive previous experience, exact number of months worked, and a whole host of other questions, I just couldn’t get it done. Is this a common experience? I hate missing out on this job opportunity but I simply ran out of road. (LD, email).

How remote working could be just the answer for you

Q: Remote working is all the rage these days. It’s everywhere in the media. I live in a remote area – is this an option for me? Or is it just poppycock? And where would I even begin to start if I wanted to get into this? (OL, email).

Need for speed put me off track

Q: I am a HR professional and in the interview, they asked me a health and safety scenario. “What would you do if the pressure was really on to get workers on site and you had a lot of inductions in a short space of time?” I started talking about speed but they wanted to hear about health and safety. In reality, I wouldn’t compromise on health and safety but, in the interview, I got off on the wrong foot and ended up muttering, backtracking, crashing and burning. What should I have done differently? (IK, email).

Final performances for students of Whistleblast composition programme

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Three WhistleBlast Quartet Composition Programme Final Performances featuring students of all musical abilities and backgrounds, are set to take place over the coming months.

The real business begins now

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Mayo's unbeaten run in the 2019 national league will be put to the ultimate test on Saturday evening as we head to HQ to take on All-Ireland champions, Dublin.

Moycullen's tough away assignments do not get any easier

Moycullen’s luckless road run continued on Saturday when falling 95-73 to Tralee Warriors in Basketball Ireland’s Men’s Superleague.


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