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Dr Kevin McDonald to the fore at family run of Tir na nÓg Clinic

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Tir na nOg Clinic is a family-run establishment specialising in hawir transplant surgery.

Hair transplant - a patient’s experience - less worry, more confidence at Tir na nÓg Clinic

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Hair loss is a common problem that affects a large percentage of the world’s population.

Unlocking the complete secret to successful hair transplants at specialist Tir na nÓg Clinic

Some hair transplant clinics ‘sell’ transplants purely on the basis of moving larger numbers of hair grafts per treatment not taking into account what the patient actually needs, the goal being to ‘impress’ the patient with large numbers of grafts.

What to expect when you are expecting new hair - aftercare process at Tir na nÓg Clinic

Hair transplant surgery involves thousands of tiny incisions (little cuts). The blood around these little wounds needs to thicken/clot and dry over to form a scab, like any cut.

Traditions of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees as they came to be now started around the late 1400s into the 1500s. In what’s now Germany (was the Holy Roman Empire then), the Paradise Tree had more decorations on it (sometimes communion wafers, cherries and later pastry decorations of stars, bells, angels, etc. were added) and it even got a new nickname the ‘Christbaum’ or ‘Christ Tree’.

Ukrainian Christmas Eve spider and the Christmas tree

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You might have heard about the German pickle stories where adults hang a pickle in a Christmas tree and the first child that finds it gets an extra gift. Now if you thought that was unique and culturally different, then you ought to know that Ukrainians put spider webs in their Christmas trees.

Athlone Christmas Market prepares to embrace shop local festive spirit

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With a festive atmosphere very much to the fore, the Athlone Christmas Market will be a focal point within the town’s Civic Square with cabins open for shop local trade from today (Thursday, December 15) until Sunday, December 18.

Ballinahown Christmas Market makes return to picturesque village on Wednesday December 21

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Following the success of its inaugural Christmas market last year, Ballinahown Community Development will once again hold an outdoor market on Wednesday, December 21.

Athlone Musical Society embrace festive spirit with ‘A Christmas Cabaret’

Athlone Musical Society will perform their pre-Christmas production ‘A Christmas Cabaret’, in the Sheraton Hotel tonight, Thursday, December 8, the show commencing at 8pm.

Surprising Christmas traditions from around the world

Christmas is fast approaching, and experts have revealed the unique ways that the festive season is celebrated around the world.


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