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The Shape Of Things - theatre for tots

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THE SHAPE Of Things, an imaginative and interactive show for tiny theatre buffs aged between six months and two years, and combining puppetry, object theatre, music and sound, returns to Galway this month.

Sara Baume - walking the thin line

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THERE IS something of a desolate feeling about the opening line of Sara Baume’s second novel, A Line Made By Walking, just published by Tramp Press: “A smudged-sky morning, mid-spring. And to mark it, a new dead thing, a robin."

How fast should I lose the baby weight?

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I don’t like putting time frames on weight loss. This article is inspired by the question I received after one of my classes. How fast should you lose the baby weight?

Taking care

A study was recently performed by Triton showers to determine how we like to clean ourselves. The survey asked 250 people across five locations in Ireland and it was determined that 50 per cent of those surveyed spend a minimum of 10 minutes in the shower with 14 per cent having two showers a day. It is pretty clear that we like to take care of ourselves, especially our hair and skin, which highlighted something to me this week; fashion might be important but we get just a little excited about the world of beauty. The summer is only a couple of months away and so I have been trying and testing some key things to get us in tip top shape for the long awaited holiday.

Begin the journey to a healthier, slimmer, you with Motivation Weight Management

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It is mid-January, the waistline is giving the tell-tale signs of the festive over-indulgences, and you’re thinking it is about time to do something about it. Where to start? Well, if you are looking for expert advice as well as the key ingredient of easy-to-follow food programmes then the Motivation Weight Management clinics in Galway city and Tuam are a good place to begin the journey to a healthier slimmer new you.

Say no to dieting with Therapie’s Sureslim

Did you know that dieting simply doesn’t work? When you start to restrict and lower the amount of calories you consume, your body enters starvation mode, and starts to store fat and consume less energy. Lowering your calories by 25 per cent severely impacts your metabolism. It also slows down the heart, lowers body temperature, lowers blood pressure and actually makes you feel more hungry and burn fewer calories. You also experience irritability and inability to focus. So dieting makes you grumpy and does not actually work.

Thinking Thin: motivation, nutrition, and weight loss

Thinking Thin is a unique new weight loss programme focusing on motivation and nutrition - with no points, no calories, and no protein shakes or bars.


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