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Crowe demands Government increase home help hours

The Government's pledge to increase home help hours by 800,000 is not on track, according to a Fianna Fáil city councillor, and on current HSE figures "will not even reach half of that target".

Good politics, bad politics - you decide

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Insider has been observing developments in the US Presidential election with increasing alarm, and is concerned our own political system is vulnerable to a significant shift in light of what is happening in other countries.

Responding to the Insider article on Repealing The Eighth

If I were an alien that had just arrived on earth from another planet and read the Talking Politics article in last week’s Galway Advertiser entitled “Repealing the Eighth and the right to autonomy over ones’ own body,” I’m sure I would be marching on the Dáil in an effort to repeal the “draconian laws” you describe in this article. However I am not and I would like to point out a number of flaws in the article.

Standards of political commentary in freefall

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Insider has been a keen observer and participant in political affairs for close on 40 years, and one of the biggest changes he has seen in that time is the decline in the standard of political reporting and analysis, seemingly deteriorating at a quickening pace with the passing years.


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