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James Connolly and why he still matters in 2018

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“Socialism will confiscate the property of the capitalist and in return will secure the individual against poverty and oppression; it, in return for so confiscating, will assure to all men and women a free, happy, and unanxious human life. And that is more than capitalism can assure anyone today.”

James Connolly show for Culture Night

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IRELAND'S GREATEST jazz singer Mary Coughlan, and veteran activist and writer Margaretta D'Arcy, will celebrate the life of Republican socialist, and patriot James Connolly in a major event for Galway Culture Night 2016.

Public lecture on centenary of James Connolly's execution

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The centenary of James Connolly's execution for his role in the 1916 Rising will be marked in Galway with a public lecture on the history of socialism and republicanism, including Connolly's contribution to both.


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