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Swimming expected to be allowed at Ballyloughane beach this summer

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Swimming is expected to be allowed at Ballyloughane beach this summer, after Galway City Council officials indicated that Ballyloughane's bathing water is expeceted to meet the required standard.

Galway swimmers to raise funds for Threshold

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Swimmers in Galway will have the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for national housing charity Threshold as the Atlantic Masters Swimming Club has relaunched its popular Turkey Swim for 2020, with no fixed location due to Covid-19 restrictions.

From Galway to Melbourne, swimmers virtual swim raises over €100k

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The annual Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim in aid of Cancer Care West has been held throughout the month of August this year and has already raised more than €100,000.

Swimmers wanted for research into superbugs in water

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A team of researchers at NUI Galway is calling on swimmers and surfers to take part in a project to find out if recreational water users are more at risk of picking up superbugs.

Twelve beaches in Mayo have excellent quality bathing water - EPA report finds

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The quality of bathing water at 12 of 15 beaches in Mayo was found to be excellent, with a further three classified as having good quality water, according to the latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Children at greater risk of drowning during COVID 19 restrictions, warn Irish Water Safety

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Despite the coronavirus lockdown confining people to within 2km of their home, children are still at greater risk of drowning during this period, according to Irish Water Safety.

Long distance swimming happens in your head, says local swimmer after he crosses the North Channel

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David Conradie who is a member of Atlantic Masters Swimming Club Galway is the first Galway resident to achieve the momentous task of swimming the 35kms from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland to Portpatrick in Scotland. The North Channel is known as one of the hardest of the Seven Ocean Channels due to its colder temperatures, strong tides and currents, which means a swimmer may swim in excess of 45kms, and the infestation of lions manes jellyfish that can stop a swimmer in their tracks with their stings.

Swimming is an essential life survival skill

Every child should be able to swim. People do not realise that children from as young as three years of age can and do learn to swim. At Braemor Swimming Summer School they also become confident and very competent when swimming in deep water. Swimming also promotes health, fitness, fun, and relaxation.

Splash into the autumn with Water Babies swim programme

The Water Babies programme is designed to make the most of babies’ natural affinity with water. It teaches confidence and safety, using specialist techniques that see many swimming short distances from as young as 30 months.

The evils of mixed bathing

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In 1925 there was a major debate in the Urban Council about a Garda report that two men from County Offaly who had been swimming in the sea in Salthill without any bathing costumes had been apprehended, and how the gardaí should deal with them. The debate was about the evils or otherwise of mixed bathing in Salthill.


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