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Galway must prioritise pedestrian and cycling facilities to meet challenges of post-Covid19 society

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"When Autumn comes and more workplaces are open alongside schools and colleges we need to have increased walking and cycling for transport to work in this city. This will be needed alongside adapted but reliable public transport and personal car use, or we may be facing transport issues like we've never seen before."

Single-line tram is optimal solution for city

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An NUI Galway mathematician has found that a single-line tramway is the optimal solution to help Galway city solve its traffic congestion problem.

EV incentives needed as diesel remains top this year

The need for Government to introduce additional incentives to encourage people to purchase electric cars is being highlighted, after a recent survey showed that diesel-powered cars remain the most popular option for those looking at purchasing a new vehicle in 2020.

Hanley calls for 'Street School' to be piloted in Galway

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Galway should follow the example of Malahide and introduce the 'school street' traffic calming concept which involves restricting motorised traffic outside schools at drop off and pick up times.

Hanley demands minister scrap €250 million road and invest in sustainable transport instead

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The planned N5 Turlough to Westport road, expected to cost €241 million, should be scrapped, and that money instead invested into cycling and greenway infrastructure, bus networks, and rail services throughout Connacht.

Peak time buses not keeping up with demand, says Hanley

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Unless there are proper levels of investment in public transport, bus services in the city will continually fail to "keep up with the demand of peak times users".

New traffic calming measures needed in Kilmaine

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Councillors in south Mayo are looking for enhanced traffic calming measures to be put in place in the village of Kilmaine, due to the large increased volume of traffic going through the village since the opening of the M18 motorway from Tuam to Dublin.

Consumers move towards electric vehicles and hybrids

The move towards electric vehicles and hybrids is growing at pace, according to a new report.

Irish consumers more open to using electric and hybrid vehicles

Irish motorists are now more open to switching to electric and hybrid cars according to the most recent report.

Cyclists, ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ this weekend with Portwest

With the October Bank Holiday weekend coming up and clocks going back, cyclists need to ensure that they are fully visible when out and about on public roads. Portwest have just launched their ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ campaign which aims to create awareness of the dangers of poor visibility and methods that can be taken to help prevent accidents.


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