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No forfeiture of van used in attempted diesel theft

Judge Mary Devins this week refused an application by gardaí for the forfeiture of a van used in an attempted theft of diesel from a quarry in Kilkelly. Judge Devins had previously heard the case at the March sitting of Ballyhaunis District Court but adjourned the sentencing to consider the application. The State had applied to seize a van owned by Ian McHugh, Park Road, Swinford, and for a disqualification from driving to be imposed upon him for his part in the attempted theft. Giving her decision, Judge Devins decided to not grant either request by the gardaí. She convicted and fined McHugh €750 and imposed a three months suspended sentence on him for the attempted theft. For criminal damage caused to a lock on the gate to the quarry and to the tank, she convicted and fined him €500 and imposed a three month consecutive suspended sentence on him.

City centre thief jailed for eight months

A Limerick man who cheekily trespassed in the staff areas of a number of Galway city centre premises, including banks, stealing wallets and other personal items, was sentenced to a total of eight months in jail.

‘Orgy of offending’ led to partially suspended sentence

A drug addict who spent stolen charity money on drugs and a taxi from Mayo to Galway has received a partially suspended nine year sentence for this theft and two robberies.

Man losing battle with alcohol sent to jail following cider theft

A man with a serious history of alcoholism had a suspended sentence of four months reactivated and received a further one month in jail for thefts of cider when he appeared at Galway District Court this week.

Defendants who break suspended sentence rules send themselves to jail, warns judge

If defendants do not abide by the rules of a suspended sentence then they are sending themsleves to jail, warned a district court judge who sent a taxi fare dodger and repeat public order offender to jail for five months after he failed to take the chances given to him.

Mother jailed for ‘diversion’ theft of €3,000 cigarettes

A 30-year-old mother of four who used “distraction tactics” at a shop allowing her accomplices to steal more than €3,000 worth of cigarettes has received 12 months in jail with the final five months suspended.

No car insurance results in suspended sentence

A Mullingar man has been given a 12 month suspended sentence after he pleaded guilty to two counts of driving without insurance.

Cheeky Tuam suitcase shoplifter jailed

A heroin addict who cheekily took a suitcase from a shop shelf and then proceeded to fill it up with more stolen goods worth up to €300 was jailed for four months this week.

Violent resistance earns suspended sentence

A man who became threatening to a garda, who had a warrant to jail him, has been given an eight month suspended sentence.

Woman avoids jail because of new crime

A woman who pleaded guilty to two public order charges in court this week (September 22) with an 11 month suspended sentence hanging over her for a previous theft conviction, avoided a jail term when the judge allowed the defence of only enforcing a suspended sentence for a similar conviction.


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