Violent resistance earns suspended sentence

A man who became threatening to a garda, who had a warrant to jail him, has been given an eight month suspended sentence.

Michael Dinnegan of 29 Springfield, Mullingar has 66 previous convictions, many for public order offences, but also for possession of weapons.

Garda Scott Kahler was on bike patrol when he saw the 44-year-old walking towards Millhouse.

Knowing there was an active warrant to jail him from a previous conviction, he approached Dinnegan who became aggressive and very threatening. When he explained that he was about to arrest him, Dinnegan backed away and called out something.

Within moments there were six or seven other people in the area, roaring and shouting.

Despite being told to calm down, Dinnegan persisted in raising his fists and the garda called for assistance.

Dinnegan tried to get away by running down a driveway into a house but was blocked.

He violently resisted arrest, kicking, roaring, and shouting and had to be restrained as he was placed in the back of the patrol car, while other officers dispersed the crowd. The incident happened in the middle of the afternoon, at 2.25pm.

Ms Patricia Cronin said her client is currently serving a 24 month sentence and is due for release in February of next year.

He was extremely intoxicated on the day and knew he’d be going to jail so did his best to evade the garda.

She described him as a chronic alcoholic but is attending AA in the Midlands prison.

Ms Cronin asked the judge to put a suspended sentence in place because he was anxious to get back to his family, rather than have his current sentence lengthened.

Judge David Anderson put in place an eight month sentence for obstructing Garda Kahler and suspended it for two years.


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