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Snacking Tips During The World Cup


‘Try’ for better snacking ideas


Come and get it - family mealtimes

It’s official - families that regularly eat together tend to eat more healthily than families who rarely eat together. Research in the UK found that children who always ate family meals were more likely to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Seeing a parent eat fruit and vegetables also improves intake.

Slender rounds up couch potatoes in Ballina

Leading natural slimming supplement Slender attracted couch potatoes from all over Co Mayo last week and put the spotlight on stress snacking at an event in Molloy’s Pharmacy in Bunree, Ballina, Co Mayo.

Get your snacking sorted!

Summer is in full swing and usually this means festivals, sunny days out, and day trips galore. So whether you are planning on making a visit to Electric Picnic, Oxegen, or a long, active day out with the family, make sure you are well kitted out with nutritious snacks to keep fuel levels topped up for your body’s engine!


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