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Dr Bhatti, I have been sleeping very badly for over three months, any advice?

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More women suffer from insomnia than men and incidences increase dramatically in 65 year-olds and over.

Why am I so tired?

Most of us have suffered from colds, flus, painful conditions, injuries, etc, at some point, which keep us awake at night or disrupt our sleep, which can result in feeling tired the next day, but at least in those cases we know the reason. Some people are suffering from constant tiredness, lack of energy, and fatigue, and they do not know why. If you think you are one of these people, talk to your GP.

Ten ways to get your little ones to sleep tight

1. Set the scene for sleep. Children spend half their time in bed so it is important that their sleeping area is suitable. They will be more likely to want to go to bed if their bedroom is cosy and inviting. Aim to create a bright, cheerful and attractive space. A messy or cluttered room is not conducive to rest. Smaller children will need help to keep their rooms tidy but this guided cleaning will pay dividents in the long run.

Workshop to promote a better night’s sleep

Undoubtedly there is a noticeable increase in stress, anxiety, fear and worry in Irish society. Psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist Amanda Walsh employs the most effective and evidenced based therapeutic interventions available today in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, working with these issues at Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis.


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