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“No” can be a complete sentence, you know

Q: There is just too much to do. I have a full-time job, family and personal responsibilities. Work is spilling over into my weekends to meet deadlines and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. Please help (BC, email).

Jail for man who fails to pay assault compensation

People must not think that the courts are soft in relation to compensation, according to Judge Mary Fahy who imposed a seven month sentence on a 27-year-old man who failed to cough up more than €2,000 in compensation for an assault and criminal damage incident that took place in late 2008.

Sentence reduced for selling cannabis but another imposed for drunk driving

A circuit court judge reduced a five-month sentence, imposed on a man for selling a small quantity of cannabis, but he directed that another sentence imposed on the same man for drunken driving, run consecutively to the drugs related sentence.

Work of judges undermined by early release of prisoners

The work of judges and the courts system to properly deter and punish those who break the law is made all the more difficult and futile if prisoners are being released after only serving a few days of their sentences, the Galway District Court heard last Monday.

Man with ‘ferocious temper’ jailed after Debenhams incident

The repeated violent behaviour of a man, once convicted of manslaughter, was a cause of great concern for a district court judge this week.

Protester gave undertaking in court not to protest

A Shell to Sea campaigner gave a sworn undertaking at Ballina District Court this week that he would not partake in any protests in relation to Shell to Sea until after September 2010, when a suspended sentence which was imposed on the Glenamoy man last year would expire.


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