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One day workshop on improving your self esteem

In 2017 we are no longer blind to the devastating effects of mental health difficulties. Whether it is a Facebook post or an item on the news we are finally at a place where people are beginning to see the importance of minding their own mental health.

An exercise to improve self-esteem

By Harvey Wasserman, BSc, MD, psychotherapist

Eight in 10 acne sufferers say breakouts impact self-esteem

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New research into life with acne by leading global dermatological skincare brand La Roche-Posay has revealed that the impacts of the sensitive skin condition go far beyond skin deep.

Local Girl Guide groups to tackle body image issues

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A programme tackling poor body image among young girls is to be rolled out across Girl Guide groups in Mayo.

Narcissism is rampant among young people says local psychologist

A local psychologist and author has warned that narcissism is rampant among young people in their teens and twenties.

The Three Cs


Confidence course for jobseekers

Strengthen your confidence and self-esteem with this free five-day course facilitated by Anne Conlon of Conlon Training. It will start on Monday July 2 in Ballina and take place on Monday and Tuesday for two weeks, and Monday of the third week.

Aware's lifeskills programme

Are you stressed? Struggling with poor self-esteem? Losing sleep? If you would like to learn new ways of dealing with life's challenges you may be interested in Aware's Living Life to the Full programme.

The Elevator Pitch at WIN

When someone loses their job or when their business fails, they can quickly fall out of their business networks and in the most part start to fall out of their social networks. When this happens, people start to spend more and more time at home and can often fall into a cycle which leads to social isolation, damaging their confidence, self esteem and self belief. This means that it can become much more difficult for people to get back out into the business community, looking for work or simply seeing if they can do something with their own skills to find some work to pay the bills.

The value of positive mental health

Positive Mental Health (PMH) deals with societal mental health issues for adolescents in Galway. It delivers one module per week over an eight week period through trained facilitators, and focuses on a number of topics including bullying, feelings, emotions, self-esteem, stress, lifestyles, media, peer pressure, loss, and grief. Its aim is to allow adolescents to express themselves and learn coping skills that will enable them to deal with inevitable challenges of life and mental health issues.


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