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Rí na Mara - Irish Seaweed Cosmetics at Galway Christmas Market

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Rí na Mara, the family-owned, An Spidéal based cosmetic company, has a cabin at the Christmas market this year.

O’Flaherty demands removal of seaweed from Ballyloughane beach

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Ballyloughane beach is finally open for bathing after several years of swimming bans — but many users will have to run a gauntlet of smelly, fly-infested mounds of seaweed to get there.

Galway company combines science and seaweed to launch Bovine food products

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Galway-based company Ocean Harvest Technology launched their bovine products at the National Ploughing Championships. As part of the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Hub, Ocean Harvest presented and exhibited throughout the three-day agricultural festival.

Galway company combines science and seaweed to launch bovine food products

Galway based company Ocean Harvest Technology launched its new bovine products at the National Ploughing Championships in Laois last week. As part of the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Hub, Ocean Harvest presented and exhibited throughout the three day agricultural festival.

Seaweed cutters fear for the future

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The application by a single company, BioAtlantis Teo, for exclusive rights to cut and harvest seaweed in Clew Bay has sparked major fears among local farmers who have traditionally cut seaweed in the area. Such has been the concern to the application for 10 year exclusive rights lodged by BioAtlantis Teo a new community group the Clew Bay Seaweed Association was formed recently.

Conamara seaweed company sold to Canadian industry leader

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A Canadian company has purchased Conamara seaweed company Arramara Teoranta.

Privatising of Seaweed business concerns politicians

The sale of Arramara Teoranta to a private Canadian company, Acadian, is the first step in the privatisation of seaweed and other natural resources found along the seashore according to Sinn Féin councillor Rose Conway-Walsh. Cllr Conway-Walsh said: “The sale of this public asset jeopardises the harvesting rights of seaweed cutters and those who have used seaweed along the Mayo coast for generations. In spite of protestations from the Government that there was no intention to sell off the State-owned Arramara it is now clear that I and my colleagues, Senator Trevor O’Clochartaigh and EU candidate Matt Carthy, were correct in relaying information to constituents that background discussions were taking place to push the sale through without consultation. Erris Seaweed Action Group will continue to work with the Connemara Action Group and other communities to provide a strong cohesive voice to protect the rights of seaweed cutters and coastal communities.” Cllr Conway-Walsh concluded saying: “There is no doubt that there is great untapped potential along our coast for greater use of seaweed and for job creation by adding value to the potential harvest there. But it will only benefit our own people if that harvesting and processing is controlled by the communities living there by way of co-operatives or some similar community based approach. Sinn Féin is encouraging land owners to check their land folios to establish their harvesting rights and coastal communities to work together to ensure the rights to cut seaweed and benefits arising from processing this natural resource are held by communities using a fair trade co-operative model.”

New seaweed cosmetic company based in Erris

A new seaweed cosmetic company, Atlanticus which is based in Geesala, Erris, has had one of its products selected at Showcase Ireland as one of the top new Irish products. The new product, Thalasso, is one of a range of products manufactured by Atlanticus and is a natural seaweed indulgent bath product, with seaweed sourced from the west of Ireland, dead sea salts, calendula, rose, and dried lavender with an array of essential oils.

Major €14 million initiative to develop seaweed as biofuel

Researchers at NUI Galway’s Ryan Institute are involved in a major €14 million European initiative to develop the potential of algae as a source of sustainable energy.

Unwind with a pampering treat at Annaghdown Seaweed Spa

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Annaghdown Seaweed Spa packages are designed to help you to relax, unwind, and take the time out you deserve. Annaghdown Spa specialises in pampering, facials, and massage.

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