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Why workers need protections more than ever

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One of the basic lessons from the pandemic is how interconnected we are - your mask protects me, mine protects you. Early outbreaks of Covid in meat-processing factories - where workers cannot practice social distancing - were exacerbated by the fact these low-income workers lack sick pay. Unable to afford to (willingly) forego wages, workers masked symptoms, hoped for the best, and clocked in, with disastrous results.

Vaccination programme clarity emanates as Stardust book recalls Valentine’s tragedy

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Rugby News: Jamie George Says that England wants to Tear Ireland Apart

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Jamie George has played a very influential role in the game that England played. They have stated that they want to try and tear teams such as Ireland apart when they go up against each other in the Six Nations Game. When you look at George, you will soon see that he is a seasoned player and that he has won a total of 54 caps. He has come forward to say that things are changing at the highest level. The backbone of any English team is to make sure that everyone has a good defence and that everyone works together as a unit. England know more than anyone that they are up against the best but they are hoping to take the other teams apart by having a very good level of attack.

Fashion creativity of students an imaginative vision as valiant Ireland suffer loss in Wales

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Onset of Spring gives cause for optimism as Six Nations rugby fare certain to enthral

Anois teacht an Earraigh beidh an lá dul chun síneadh,

Major coup for Athlone Town as Kurtis Byrne pens contract deal


Noah and Rowan Benson Gately Support Group to host fundraising draw

The prospect of yet another lockdown has cast a shadow over the country but for one lucky individual, the new year will get off to the best possible start.

Cheerful thoughts of annual festive family interactions as vaccine positivity emerges

What a marvellous weekend of sports we had, and all available on TV. It was really a great indulgence, but I spent ages looking at the ones I was following.

Buccaneers duo play starring roles in wholly deserved Ireland victory

Buccaneers duo, Robbie Henshaw and Paul Boyle, played starring roles for country and province respectively last weekend.

The Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey

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Tales of the Silkie have been told by firelight by Seanchaí for hundreds of years and it is along the rugged coastlines of the Atlantic where these stories are strongest, with tales of Seal-like creatures climbing ashore and shapeshifting into enchanting beings, seducing unexpecting locals to eventually retreat back to the sea and their original form leaving broken hearts in their wake.


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