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New technology for Alzheimer’s Association

New state-of-the-art intervention programmes for Alzheimer’s could off-set the onset and progress of the disease by up to five years.

New technology for Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland

It is great to see the introduction of cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) in the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. While this is an expansion on what families are already doing, we need to revolutionise our interventions to the highest possible levels.

Are you worried about your ageing memory?

As we age, it is normal for our memory and other brain functions to decline. There is little point in living to 100 if our brain is not functioning properly. Throughout our lives new brain cells are being created in a process called neurogenesis (neuro means nerve and genesis means birth). Even in people with Alzheimer’s new brain cells are being created. However we need to have these brain cells functioning at full capacity; hence the importance of exercise and diet. Next we need to engage these new cells so these new brain cells begin communicating with each other, rejuvenating our brain’s abilities.

New technology could potentially delay Alzheimer’s disease onset by five years

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New software, now available in Galway, has the potential to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by up to five years.

Local councillors laud a positive draft budget

As the details of Kilkenny Borough Council’s draft budget were discussed in the council chamber this week, the measures were welcomed by all members in a rare display of cross-party harmony.


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