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Imagine no more waxing or shaving

Did you know that laser hair removal is the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair, for good? Did you know that now is the time you should book your course? The sun has cooled down, our tans are beginning to fade – why not make this a positive thing and start your course of laser hair removal?

No more waxing and shaving

Imagine no longer having to worry about nicks and cuts, embarrassing stubble and irritated, unhappy skin, all of which go hand in hand with a girl’s beauty regime. And don’t get us started on the trouble we get ourselves into by stealing our other half’s razor; for some strange reason they always uncover the crime!

Close shave for man who steals over €170 worth of razors

A Limerick man, with 63 previous convictions, had a close shave this week when he avoided having to serve extra jail time after stealing more than €170 worth of razors.

A close shave

I avoided doing it for almost 23 years. Most of my male friends did it and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few females were doing it as well.

Skin deep

Men suffering from tight, sensitive skin are advised to avoid soap or products not formulated for sensitive skin.

Close shave for razor thief

An 18-year-old woman from Dublin who stole 55 packets of men’s Gillette razor blades appeared before Castlebar District Court this week.


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