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€1.5 million for Mayo roads under Climate Adaption and Resilience programme

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Mayo has been allocated €1,530,745 for regional and local roads under the Climate Adaption and Resilience Works programme, with funding provided for 39 projects in Mayo.

Resilience of Athlone IT students noted during graduation ceremonies

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The dawning of a new Technological University status approaching, Athlone Institute of Technology virtually hosted its ultimate graduation ceremonies as a sole education entity on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Westmeath County Council launch ‘Keep Well’ campaign

The Government Plan for Living with COVID-19 - Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021, highlights the important role that individual and community resilience will play in contributing to our ongoing response to the present pandemic.

Mindful self-compassion — live online group training for wellbeing and resilience

Our mental attitudes, beliefs, and expectations can have a big influence on whether we thrive and prosper or stagnate and decline. Rick Hanson, an eminent neuropsychologist, describes how the brain has a negativity bias designed to keep us safe rather than happy. He says that this makes our brain like Velcro for bad experience and Teflon for good experience.

Resilience and community - Clifden Arts Festival starts next week

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Despite the devastating impact of last week's floods, the 43rd Clifden Arts Festival will go ahead, with a spirit of resilience and sense of community ensuring the continuation of Ireland’s longest running community arts festival.

Clifden flooding another reminder of the power of nature

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You would like to think that 2020 is some sort of training year, an obstacle course designed to test our resilience, to throw all sorts of misfortune our way to see how we deal with it. Maybe Fate Inc decided that we were too fragile, had become too used to a world without global fear. That we needed to know the sort of life that our parents did, and their parents — all generations who had lived through wars and recessions and famine.

Marmion's resilience helps him to tackle World Cup omission

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By Linley MacKenzie

Parenting resilient minds

Mental health problems affect about one in five children and young people. They include depression, anxiety, and conduct disorders, and are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives (Mental Health Ireland). According to the World Health Organisation around 50 per cent of mental disorders begin before the age of 14. Parents have begun to figure this part out themselves. They can unfortunately name on one hand children who needed some form of expert support for their emotional and mental wellbeing in the past 12 months. Parents are more than aware of the daily stories on all media forms of anxious children, crying spells, teenagers suffering migraine, school refusal, depression, bullying, missing youths, self-harming, suicides, violence, poor self-image, eating disorders, and so on.

School transitioning wellbeing and resilience workshops with Next Step Forward

On Monday August 12 health and wellbeing expert Dorothy Scarry, a qualified primary and secondary teacher, will host a wellbeing and resilience workshop in the Oranmore Lodge Hotel.

School Transitioning Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops with Next Step Forward

On Monday, August 12th health and wellbeing expert Dorothy Scarry, a qualified primary and secondary teacher, is hosting ‘Wellbeing and Resilience’ workshop in the Oranmore Lodge Hotel.


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