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Amy’s House Creche provides extra services to care for your precious child

Amy’s House Creche named after Hazel’s daughter Amy is a purpose built childcare facility situated in the heart of the community in Claregalway close to the Claregalway National School. Hazel Curran and her strong team provide for young babies, wobblers, toddlers, preschool and Afterschool children.

Strong push can take you over the line

Q: I am going for an interview in my company and the field is bound to be very competitive. It’s a great job. People from inside the company are eyeing it up, as are others from similar companies. A woman could get nervous thinking about the opposition. How should I approach the interview? (OL, email).

Your vision is precious so protect your eyes from the sun

We protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun however we often neglect our eyes. Ultraviolet radiation can cause adverse effects to your eyes. Studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause increased risk of macular degeneration of the retina (AMD), cataract of the intraocular lens, corneal damage and ocular adnexal (conjunctival or eyelid) melanomas.

Hearing is precious - protect it

Michael O’Neill Hearing Aid Audiologist of O’Neill Hearing Care Clinic is an agent for all Oticon Ltd. Hearing Aid Technologies. Oticon OPN1 was voted the best European premium hearing technology at “The 10th Golden Lobe Awards” at AIHHP 2016 Hearing Expo.


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