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Power struggles - The human struggle for power

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Being able to let go of power struggles is a liberating and self-compassionate act. The anguish, pain, torment and turmoil that these struggles cause over months or even years is inexplicable. Often, the attachment may be too strong or the issues appear too important to walk away from. Ending the tug of war may take a lot of work.

'Young people’s choice of participation, rather than cynicism, is a powerful way of looking at the future'

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Climate change is a reality, a crisis facing us all, yet in this period of turmoil - geo-politically via Trump, Brexit, and the rise of the far right, and environmentally with rising temperatures and extreme weather - there remains cause for hope.

Public meeting on ‘The Rise of People Power’

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The public anger over water charges, leading to the largest street demonstrations seen in the State in decades, and the Government climb-down on the controversial measure, has raised the issue of the future of ‘people power’.


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