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Cutting Covid-19 payment would be 'penny wise and pound foolish', says McNelis

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There must be no cut to the €350 weekly Covid-19 pandemic when more than half a million people are still reliant on it, and with many workplaces remaining closed for the foreseeable future.

Lose up to twelve pounds with System 10's twenty eight day summer programme

Fixing your metabolism is the miracle you need to lose your weight once and for all. It can double your weekly weight loss results. It is the only way to shift stubborn fat from your stomach, hips, and thighs. It makes it easier to keep the weight off afterwards. It is the most powerful anti aging miracle available. In 10 weeks you can easily turn the clock back five to 10 years.

Operation Educogym - goal was fifty-six pounds in 56 days...

"When I started eight weeks ago as a 36-year-old, father of two, with a demanding career and a diet that had mostly consisted of high sugar and high carbohydrate foods, I had allowed myself reach a whopping 22.8 stone.

Sherry Fitzgerald reports rising demand from UK

UK buyers are fixing their sights on Irish property on foot of strong sterling values against the euro and soaring property prices over there. While a 15 per cent increase in house prices here last year might have threatened to put some buyers off, the OECD has described Irish property as undervalued and by as much as 60 per cent in some rural locations. The value of sterling is also a driving factor, with a €500,000 property now £26,041 cheaper than it would have been a year earlier.

We need to follow Britain’s pothole fix

Just before Christmas Britain’s Transport secretary announced a massive £6bn fund to help tackle potholes and improve local roads over the next six years. This is the kind of planning that we should be seeing here as our economy recovers, writes Padraic Deane.

€102m takeover offers hope for Athlone jobs

There was some hope offered to the eight jobs lost in the GAME shop in the Athlone Towncentre this week with the news that UK corporate raider Opcapita has bought out its troubled parent company - the GAME Group - for a nominal £1, but estimated to cost the firm up to £85 million (€102m) in real terms.

Commission-free dollars and sterling at An Post

An Post is now selling Sterling and US Dollars at 195 post offices nationwide, including two offices in Kilkenny. The new service is commission-free and offers highly competitive exchange rates at post offices in all main cities and towns across the country.

Get your sterling and dollars at five Mayo post offices

An Post is now selling sterling and US dollars at 195 post offices nationwide, including five offices in Mayo. The new service is commission-free and offers highly competitive exchange rates at post offices in all main cities and towns across the country.

Poor Oscar Wilde, he died as he lived – beyond his means

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Before his untimely demise Oscar Wilde was one of the most successful authors and playwrights of his generation, but he managed to leave only a paltry will, according to documents just released online.

Cheap wheat from Russia

A few weeks ago Irish grain growers were complaining about the prices that the merchants were offering for their produce following this year’s harvest. It is little wonder that the prices that were offered were quite low by Irish standards when just recently it has been announced that wheat is being shipped from Russian ports at just €86 a tonne. It is then being exported and landed in Italy for €103.64 a tonne which is far less than what the Irish farmer would hope to receive for his crop. It seems that both wheat and maize continues to be imported into the EU at the current knock-down prices even though the same EU has just recently brought back the import levies.

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