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We travel more in hope than expectation

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It’s game eight of Mayo’s 2016 championship campaign and the biggest one of all, the All-Ireland final against the reining champions and hot favourites Dublin. Mayo are priced at 3/1, the Dubs are 4/11 while the draw is available at 10/1. In layman’s terms the bookmakers don’t see Dublin been beaten. The handicap betting is set at -3 points meaning the expert odd makers feel Dublin will win by about three.

'In Enda’s work there is always hope'

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IT HAS been six years since Charlie Murphy, then fresh from the Gaiety School of Acting, first made an impact with audiences in the role of Siobhan in RTE’s Love/Hate, for which she twice won an IFTA as best actress.

Thousands are sailing — from death, into death

In the end it came fast…. but slow. The screams from up on board overtaken by the roar of the waters breaking through the entrances filling the space about their feet. And as that cold water rushed into that dark space, they knew that death was creeping up on them. Death they had left behind, they thought. When that boat pulled away from the shore, as they were herded on as darkness approached, they took one last look at the land behind them, a land where they knew mainly death. Where they were numbed by it, stunned by it. Driven to risk death by it. One face of death roaring at them, rushing them towards a meeting with the same fear.

Dignity of lives lost should not be forgotten in circus

Next Monday, a circus will descend on Galway. Media of all hue and definition will head west for a hearing that will be seen to set the agenda for a debate that has long divided this country. For more than a week, the focus of the country will be on the deliberations of a coroner and his witnesses in a case which has brought Galway to the attention of the world.

Personal development course at Olive Whelan

There are few of us who wouldn’t change some aspect of our personal or professional selves. Perhaps we would like to be more confident, better organised, sharper communicators, or less stressed. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more comfortable in ourselves? Good self-esteem and self-confidence are fundamental to living a healthy successful lifestyle.

Beating the summertime blues

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“Yipee, it’s holiday time again.” That is the chant from primary school children as they cast aside their books, bags and uniforms and get set to enjoy the long summer break.

Beating the summertime blues

“Yipee, it’s holiday time again.” That is the chant from primary school children as they cast aside their books, bags and uniforms and get set to enjoy the long summer break.

Ten ways to boost your child’s self esteem

1. Parents can play a major role in building their children’s self esteem. If you want your child to be positive and confident lead by example. Aim to be a good role model of someone with a positive self image. If you feel inferior and hard done by you transmit this to your child in your comments, attitudes and reluctance to embrace change and challenges.

Road carnage adverts could lead to male drivers taking more risks, says NUIG research

New NUI Galway research has found that advertising campaigns showing the carnage on the nation’s roads could actually lead to young male drivers taking more driving risks.

Ten tips for differentiating yourself in the world of work

Rita Mylett, a personal styling and image consultant and Network Mayo’s Business Woman of the Year, offers Mayo Advertiser readers some tips about making yourself project a good image at work (


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