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Consumers urged to recycle end-of-life devices

Industry experts have warned of the dangers of running out of raw materials for batteries if we fail to recycle old ones. A surge in sales of devices such as laptops, drones, power tools, and e-scooters has seen demand soaring for cobalt and lithium, which are essential for the production of rechargeable lithium batteries that power these devices.

IFFPG collecting more farm plastics

IFFPG, the national farm plastics recycling scheme, is providing some 200 bring-centre locations nationwide this year where farmers can recycle the full range of farm plastics. Farmers are advised to bring their silage plastics loose to the bring-centres. The rate this year for silage plastics is €12 per half tonne with the label code. This represents the most cost efficient recycling service.

Rethink, Recycle, and Remake network event to help entrepreneurs turn waste into jobs

The key to the smart economy could be in your rubbish, according to the organisers behind a ‘Rethink, Recycle, and Remake’ free networking event which aims to stimulate and motivate entrepreneurs to turn waste into jobs.

Ford’s Focus on material recycling

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To find out what happens to discarded household carpets, old jeans or empty bottles, take a closer look at the Ford Focus.


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