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Hypnotherapy may help with anxiety disorders

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Hypnotherapy is increasingly being recognised as an effective way to help people suffering from anxiety disorders, according to Michael McGuinness of the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic.

Fear can hold us back but it can be overcome

Jackie Burns is a qualified clinical hypno-psychotherapist since 2006, and was based in Claremorris until she opened Body Mind Systems at the IRD Centre in Kiltimagh.

Disqualified woman’s husband has driving phobia, court told

The loss of her driving licence will cause severe difficulty for a mother of two because her husband has a phobia of driving, solicitor Louis Kiernan told Mullingar District Court.

Know your mind, free yourself

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Under immense pressure, many people in modern society are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused, and worried. Registered therapist Amanda Walsh, based in Castlebar, comments on the importance of normalising psychological therapy in Irish society. “What happens in the mind is vital to contentment, health, and wellbeing. This is where the therapy can help. Therapy aids one in developing tools and resources for dealing with life’s challenges. I believe it is vital to highlight for all, that the areas of stress, anxiety, and anger; panic attacks; sleep difficulties; social anxiety; habits; fears and phobias, can be effectively overcome in a relatively short space of time with long-term gains.”

Discover relief from stress and anxiety

Research reveals that responding to life’s difficulties by feeling overwhelmed and distraught, impacts on both mental and physical health. Now in particular, Irish people are searching for effective strategies to deal with life’s challenges. Undeniably, learning to manage stress, anger, anxiety are valuable life skills enhancing well-being and contentment.

New Year, new beginnings

Research clearly highlights that responding to challenges in life, by feeling overwhelmed and distraught, impacts on both mental and physical health. Evidence suggests that the more stressed out we feel in facing life’s challenges the more vulnerable we are to colds, flu, and a range of illnesses. Stress and anxiety are prevalent in Irish society. Undoubtedly learning to manage stress and anxiety is a valuable life skill, enhancing wellbeing, contentment, and fulfilment.

It’s true - psychotherapy will make you happier!

If you look closely enough at a single pebble, if you hold it in front of your eye line, it can obscure the entire horizon. Soon it can seem like the rest of the world no longer exists, such is the magnitude of that pebble which obscures our view.

Learn to overcome panic and anxiety

Panic attacks are terrifying and can happen without warning or reason. They are characterised by sudden fear and extreme nervousness along with the sense of going crazy or losing control.


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