Disqualified woman’s husband has driving phobia, court told

The loss of her driving licence will cause severe difficulty for a mother of two because her husband has a phobia of driving, solicitor Louis Kiernan told Mullingar District Court.

He asked Judge Seamus Hughes to be as lenient as possible with Dominica Farrell (37 ) of Castlegrove, Castlepollard who had 63mg alcohol/100ml breath on September 9 last and earned a two year disqualification.

He added that Farrell is a carer for her father, and has no previous convictions and was never in trouble before.

Judge Hughes made his usual order of €250 fine on top of the mandatory two year ban and warned Farrell not to go off driving in the next two years or she will find herself in a much more serious situation.

Another woman who got out of bed to bring someone home late at night has also been disqualified.

Assumpta Lynch of Raithin, Ashe Road, Mullingar admitted having 78mg alcohol/100ml breath when she was stopped.

She too had no previous convictions and is a married, working woman.

Solicitor Robert Marren said it was a common and unfortunate situation his client had found herself in and she was fined €250 and disqualified for two years.


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