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Sci-fi novels inspire environmentally themed exhibition

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THE BEST science-fiction writers do not just write about fantastical worlds in far flung galaxies, their work, be it that of HG Wells, Philip K Dick, or Arthur C Clarke, reflects on the contemporary world, and looks deeply at how technology and society may develop in the future.

When products go bad

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PRODUCT RECALL, an exhibition looking at ideas of displacement, and companies having to 'recall' products that could maim or kill consumers, is currently running in the Galway Arts Centre on Dominick Street.

Paul King singer-songwriter

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Theological science fiction

My title is not a sop to what one writer has wittily dubbed the ‘Dawkins Ascendency’, a group which no doubt would be delighted to banish theology to the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Into the dustbin with one of the oldest ways mankind has used to throw light on the fundamental questions of existence. And only a blinkered arrogance would dare discard any means or methods we possess in trying to answer them.


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