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Lady Gregory to get the Druid treatment

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IT HAPPENED with Tom Murphy, it happened with JM Synge, it happened with Shakespeare. Now it is the turn of one of the major lights of the Irish Literary Revival - Lady Gregory - to get a Druid cycle.

Druid Debuts go online in July

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DRUID DEBUTS, the company’s annual rehearsed reading series, will, this summer, become a live online experience featuring four new plays.

The incomparable Jane Eyre

In the edition of the Galway Weekly Advertiser March 25 1843 extensive coverage is given to the funeral of George Frederick De Carteret, a young ensign in her Majesty’s 30th Regiment, who drowned when he fell into the docks on his way back to the Shambles barracks three days before. He served on the revenue cutter The Raven. After a ‘party of pleasure’ he was walking along the docks, ‘the night being pitchy dark and tempestuous’ he was blown over ‘the brink’ and drowned before his fellow officers could reach him.*

Sixth class, The Mercy, 1948

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One hundred and eighty years ago, the Sisters of Mercy came to Galway for the first time, to a house in Lombard Street, to devote themselves to works of mercy among the poor. The great Catherine McAuley was one of the first three nuns to come here, the others being Mother M Teresa White and Mother N Catherine Leahy.

Druid presents Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard In a version by Tom Murphy

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Times are changing.

'This white orchard, that she can’t let go of, that she can’t keep'

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WHEN DERBHLE Crotty takes to the stage as Madame Ranevskaya in Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard this month, it will mark her first appearance with Druid since 2015 and its acclaimed DruidShakespeare production.

Druid’s The Cherry Orchard to be live streamed to cinemas

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IN A first for an Irish theatre company, Druid’s production of Tom Murphy's version of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, will be live streamed from the Black Box Theatre, to cinemas across Ireland and the world.

Druid 2020 - Chekhov and a Galway tour of Irish plays

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CHEKHOV'S MASTERPIECE The Cherry Orchard, and a tour of Galway as part of the 2020 Capital of Culture events, featuring one-act plays by Lady Gregory and Seán O’Casey, make up Druid's programme of events for next year.

The Lynch window

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In 1807, the Reverend Edward Mangin wrote a three-volume romantic novel entitled George the Third in which he headed one of the chapters “Which would not have appeared had it not been written”. In it he invented a story about the Mayor of Galway, James Lynch Fitzstephen, hanging his son. Thirteen years later James Hardiman published his History of Galway in which he slightly changed, and greatly elaborated on, the story. This gave Mangin’s story a much wider audience, especially in this country, and so the legend became history. It was copied by many writers over the last 200 years, books written, plays written, films made, etc.

Mount St Mary’s

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In the late 12th century, the Diocese of Annaghdown came into existence in the area surrounding the city of Galway. In 1324 it was united with Tuam, but the Anglo-Norman families refused to accept direction from Tuam. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII made St Nicholas’ Church a Collegiate Church governed by a warden (not a bishop) and eight vicars. Edmund ffrench, the last warden, was made Bishop of Kilmacduagh in 1824. On April 27, 1831, the Bull ‘Sedium Episcopalaism’ was issued by Pope Gregory XVI erecting the Diocese of Galway. On October 23, 1831, the first Bishop of the Diocese, George Joseph Plunkett Browne, was consecrated, and in 1844 he was succeeded by Laurence O’Donnell. John McEvilly became Bishop in 1857.

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