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Permanent cycleway for Salthill is still possible, says Lyons

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A permanent cycleway can still be developed in Salthill providing other promenade users are also catered for, according to Independent Galway City West councillor, Donal Lyons.

Council to consider designated areas for public drinking

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Certain public areas of Galway city are under consideration as places where the consumption of alcohol will be permitted for the forthcoming ‘outdoor summer’.

City Council to purchase two portable stages for arts sector

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The Galway City Council hopes to purchase mobile stages, festival flooring, and to improve facilities in public areas enabling multiple spaces become venues for events, festivals, and community activities.

Two years on, how are our city councillors performing?

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The current membership of the Galway City Council started their term almost two years ago in a welter of controversy surrounding the forming of a political alliance to hold the balance of power (and positions) for the following five years.

Why workers need protections more than ever

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One of the basic lessons from the pandemic is how interconnected we are - your mask protects me, mine protects you. Early outbreaks of Covid in meat-processing factories - where workers cannot practice social distancing - were exacerbated by the fact these low-income workers lack sick pay. Unable to afford to (willingly) forego wages, workers masked symptoms, hoped for the best, and clocked in, with disastrous results.

City council bring Christmas gift of lights to Cappagh

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Galway City Council played Santa last week as they turned on the floodlights at Cappagh Park astro pitch which will enable children to use the facility for much longer than had been the case.

City council calls for legislation for compulsory sick pay

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Galway city councillors passed a motion this week calling on the Government to bring forward legislation requiring all employers by law to make provision for sick leave.

Councillors criticise location for direct provision living complex

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The location of the new 140 person direct provision independent living complex has been criticised by city councillors.

Cappagh Park floodlights get go ahead

The installation of eight lighting stands around the existing sports pitch located within Cappagh Park has moved a step closer after planning permission was granted by the Galway City Council at Leisureland on Monday evening.

My Kind Of Town - a vision for Galway post-Covid-19

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