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Ireland v Italy - with build up and analyses from Après Match

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WHEN THE Republic of Ireland play Italy in Euro 2016's 'Group of Death', will the 'boys in green' do what we did to Italy at USA 94, or will it be a harrowing 90 minutes that will make the whole championship one to forget?

Lose the fat around your waist with a revolutionary new course

Did you know that medical research indicates you have a higher risk of health problems if your waist size is more than 37 inches for a man, or more than 31.5 inches for a woman? Many of us would like to lose a few pounds, but if you are really struggling to lose that stubborn belly fat, the successful 12 week Lose Fat Around The Middle course formulated by the UK’s leading nutritionist, Dr Marilyn Glenville, can help you understand why fat often settles around your middle and what you can do to reverse it and lose it for good.

Watch the Euro 2012 final with Après Match - loive

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GALWAY WILL be able to watch the final of what has been a terrific - from a soccer, if not from a strictly Irish, point of view - Euro 2012, in the company of none other than Après Match.

Youth Café opening in St Mary’s Place

A new youth cafe will open its doors next week. Part of the Gateway Project, the youth cafe is located in St Mary’s Hall, on Northgate Street.

Classic parody with Apres Match

With a World Cup just around the corner, the timing could not be better for every discerning Irish sports fan’s favourite comedy triumvirate to bring their new show to the Kilkenny stage.

Lorg Printmakers

LORG PRINTMAKERS has moved to new premises at the Ballybane Enterprise Centre.


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