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US Ambassador to face protests in city today

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The United States Ambassador to Ireland will face a peace protest, in opposition to American wars across the world, when he arrives in the city today to address a Galway Chamber business lunch.

Former officer to give insider’s view on Irish army

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Retired Irish army officer, Commandant Edward Horgan, will give an insiders view of the Irish Defence Forces, at a public talk next week.

Suspended sentences for men charged with forgery

A former Supermacs manager and his cousin were given a six month and seven month suspended sentence respectively for attempting to open bank accounts with forged letters of employment and utility bills.

Be bowled over by Ireland cricket legend on Saturday

Ireland’s cricketing legend, all-rounder Trent Johnston is coming to Galway to visit the county club on Saturday between 12 and 1:30pm.

Man disqualified from driving following accident

A father of five from Pakistan was disqualified from driving for one year at this week’s sitting of Castlebar District Court.

Ability to think straight is now the greatest commodity

Information overload appears to be the biggest trend of the moment with revelations regarding the upcoming Budget and behind-the-scenes workings of government at home and in Europe hijacking our attention spans at every turn. Instead of having to complain about being kept in the dark anymore, most of us are finding it difficult to keep on top of all the news happening around us, not only because of the sheer volume of same, but mainly because most of the news is not only bad, it is personal.

Henry Rollins - Still angry after all these years (but courteous with it!)

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SINGER, SONGWRITER, spoken-word artist, publisher, radio DJ, actor, globetrotter, TV documentarist and social campaigner; not for nothing has Henry Rollins being described as a ‘post-punk renaissance man’.

Mayo General A&E under threat due to staff shortages

Mayo General Hospital is short 12 junior doctors out of 80 posts, a situation which could lead to the axing of services in the future, most notably in the A&E department. The shortages are in the areas of emergency and medicine.

GAAW to hold ‘mock funeral processions’ protest

Mock funeral processions to remember “the innocent killed by the British and US war machines in their on-going illegal wars” are to take place in Galway.

A thank you to the people of Westmeath


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