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Eyecare tips for students

Áine Higgins, Optometrist at Mongey Opticians, who was recently named UK and Irish Optician of the Year 2010, suggests ways student can avoid eyestrain while studying for examinations.

Latest camera technology at Munnelly Opticians

Most people are aware of the importance of an eye examination every two years for the purposes of their sight. Many, however, overlook the emphasis your optician places on your eye health. Previously an ophthalmoscope alone was used to look at the back of the eye, but this is now used in addition to a new technology called the fundus camera.

Your vision is precious — protect your eyes from the sun

Worshipped since the dawn of civilisation, the sun symbolises life itself. Its energy is synonymous with rejuvenation, good health, beauty, and sport. The sun, however, is not without its dangers with its intense rays. It can lead to unpleasant red eyes and potentially more serious damage, even blindness. Your optometrist can advise which type of sunglasses to protect your eyes generally, or for specific sports or occupational needs. Children in particular are extremely sensitive and without protection are all the more susceptible to long term damage. The eyes of a child under the age of 10 transmit over 75 per cent of UV radiation compared to 10 per cent in adults over the age of 25. Photochromatic lenses such as Transitions are very useful. They darken when outdoors according to the light intensity, then change back to clear when indoors. Clear high impact lenses such as Airwear also provide 100 per cent UV protection, especially for active children.

Do shop bought readers damage your eyesight?

People will often self prescribe with ready readers and use it an excuse not to have an eye test. In my experience people will pick a stronger lens. People think if it magnifies it more, they are getting a better quality set of spectacles but that is not true. Choosing a spectacle off the shelf which allows you to read certain text size does not mean that it is the correct strength. It is important that the reading correction be balanced for both eyes and that the magnification is exact in order not to cause eyestrain that may result in accelerated deterioration.

Are contact lenses for you?

Mongey Opticians, who have practices in Ballinrobe and Castlebar, outline the different contact lenses on the market.

Prescription sunglasses

The recent spell of good weather has sent patients in their droves into Mongey Opticians looking for prescription sunglasses.

See the difference at Athenry Opticians

At Athenry Opticians, Ailbhe Ní Ráighne and her staff pride themselves on the friendly, relaxed, atmosphere within the practice and the rapport they have with their patients.

Infocus Opticians gives gift of vision to people in need

Local optometrist, John Fogarty FAOI of Infocus Opticians, is taking the World Sight Day Challenge to help give sight to people in developing countries.

International recognition for Mayo optician

Mayo optician Aine Higgins has just been named UK and Ireland Optician of the Year 2010.

Set your sights on Munnelly Opticians

Munnelly Opticians would like to thank all the well-wishers for their support in recent weeks.


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