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Council told to respect ratepayers and stop Eyre Square commercialisation

Commercial activity in Eyre Square is to be severely curtailed following representations made by Fianna Fail city councillor Ollie Crowe who pressed the Galway City Council to respect ratepayers and revoke any commitments already made.

Reform ‘exploitative’ JobBridge scheme

Thousands of JobBridge interns are being exploited through “inadequate regulation” of the scheme, which is also harming actual job creation.

‘I will serve my full five years’ - Cameron

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“Absolute crap, absolute rubbish” is how Labour councillor Billy Cameron has described Fianna Fáil accusations that he has no intention of serving his full five-year term on Galway City Council.

Councillors fall out over mayoral pact agreement

Acrimonious and bitter allegations of “underhand” and “sneaky” behaviour has erupted between the centre-right political groups in City Hall, ahead of tomorrow’s first meeting of the new council.

File to DPP as man dies after election party assault

A man has been released without charge and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to an incident which resulted in the death of another man during election celebrations at a city pub.

FG/FF/ex-PD Independents set to control City Hall

Despite the punishment handed out to the establishment parties in Galway city’s local elections, the centre-right is regrouping and set to take control of City Hall for the next five years.

‘And you can quote me on that’

“I have a degree and a masters and yet I’m unemployed. My generation is the lost generation. In me, voters saw someone who has stayed and can give the perspective of that generation in City Hall, and the perspective of my generation is needed.”

Galway city’s new council

Seven new councillors were returned to City Hall in last weekend’s local elections, including three Sinn Féin candidates, the party’s best performance in the city in living memory.

‘Fianna Fáil are still in the sin bin’ - Ollie Crowe

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Ollie Crowe has conceded that Fianna Fáil will only be coming back with three seats in the new Galway City Council, the same number the party had at the start of this election campaign.

Can Sheridan and Marley take a seat each in Central?

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Can the Green's Sheamus Sheridan and Sinn Féin's Anna Marley take the last two seats in Galway City Central, capitalising on the collapse of Padraig Conneely's vote and the modest performance of Nicola Deacy?


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