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The Club Workout @ HALO

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CLUBBING NEEDS music to dance to. Fitness classes need music for rhythm and routine. So why not have the fun of the former and the fitness inducing of the latter in one place at the same time?

Tips on booking a summer camp

be a challenging time for parents as they juggle work with childcare. For many the answer lies in summer camps. There are so many on offer from multi-activity camps that take place outdoors to Lego and computer camps that tend to be indoors.

Private Security Authority “a quango”, says judge

Judge Seamus Hughes has described the Private Security Authority which regulates bouncers and security staff as being “like a private police force operating in this country”.

Going underground

Would you ever consider opening your home to paying diners? Have you ever visited a 'secret' restaurant? Did you know that such a thing existed right here under your very noses? Well, the underground food scene in Galway is alive and lives in Spanish Arch. This is the location of The Nutmeg Feast, you could call it a restaurant or supper club, a ‘guestaurant’, or a paying dinner party.

Prosecutions and sanctions to be taken against Castlebar bouncers

The Private Security Authority (PSA) has commenced legal proceedings against unlicensed individuals providing door supervisor services at licensed premises in Castlebar.

Suspended sentence for St Patrick’s Day assault on bouncer

A man who got carried away with St Patrick’s Day celebrations, punching a bouncer when refused entry to a city centre nightclub, received a five-month suspended sentence this week and was further lambasted by a district court judge for daring to apply for legal aid.

Man denies threatening bouncers over barrier obstruction

An ex-business man who quarrelled with bouncers at a city centre nightclub over the perceived dangers and permission to erect barriers on a public footpath denied shouting threats and pointing his fingers aggressively, saying he was simply remonstrating.

Service industry nights at Karma

Do you work all weekend? Do you work shifts and finish really early or late? Hate Saturday nights from behind the bar? Then make sure you are registered with Karma, Athlone!

Fine for man who had row with bouncers

A man who got into a row with bouncers who wouldn’t let him get his jacket has been fined €250 for public order offences.

Man fined for abuse of night club staff

Getting rowdy at a city centre night club and giving bouncers the finger during a night out proved to be very expensive for an electrician who was fined for public order offences last week.

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