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Are your homely surroundings causing damage to your hearing?

Almost one in 10 people have noticed a change in their hearing since the first lockdown and as more time is being spent at home, research by Specsavers shows that many of us are still unaware that certain everyday household appliances or gardening equipment can cause permanent damage.

A simple solution to back pain when driving or sitting

This is a very short article but it could make a massive difference.

Time to keep your distance and hold your nerve

BY LIAM HORAN, sli nua careers

Getting back to health and fitness with Plexus Bio Energy

Are you looking forward to spring and feeling more energetic? Most people feel tired and sluggish after the winter; it is time to get your mental, physical, and emotional health balanced with Plexus Bio Energy

Getting ready for the Christmas with Plexus Bio Energy

The lead up to Christmas can be very stressful for lots of people due to financial and emotional issues, but it is up to ourselves how we deal with this stress. It is not all about the material things, it is about our mental health and how we feel — good company, a nice meal, warmth, and little gifts as gestures — are what Christmas is about.

Getting back to health and fitness with Plexus Bio Energy

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Plexus Bio Energy will help people to let go of the old and refresh their health, by clearing and balancing the energies.

Resolving Conflict and reducing stress

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Are you ready to connect with your own authentic power and find stillness within? Are you Willing to communicate from your heart while navigating the complexity of human relationships? If you would like to bring peace into your life discover how empowering resolutions can help.

Moycullen suffer more away day Superleague pain

Moycullen suffered another tough loss away from home this past weekend, falling by 108–79 to a physically dominant Templeogue in Dublin.

Better hearing with both ears

Why do people have two ears? Basically, it is to widen the scope of your hearing so you can find out where sounds are coming from, and from what distance. In reality it is not your ears that do the listening, but your brain. And to interpret sounds correctly, the information it receives must be as accurate and as detailed as possible.

How Stress Affects the Body

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Acute stress is a response to imminent danger, it turbo charges the system with powerful hormones that can damage the cardiovascular system.


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