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Mindfulness course at Connemara retreat

Fancy a two-day mindfulness retreat in the heart of Connemara? The elegant and charming four-star Lough Inagh Lodge is facilitating a special mindful, self compassion getaway in the peaceful surrounds of Connemara's Twelve Bens.

What happens in a mindfulness-based stress reduction course?

Mindfulness is effective because it allows us to step out of autopilot, where we are out of touch with our thoughts and feelings and barely register the taste of the food we eat or the sensation of the cool breeze on our face as we walk down the street. Instead, mindfulness trains us to notice each moment with curiosity and kindness.

Bring mindfulness into your life

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There will be a day-long introduction to mindfulness in Esker Retreat Centre in Athenry this Saturday, February 21.

Mindfulness: Will it solve all my problems?

There is currently a view that mindfulness is a cure-all, that it can deal with many different issues for many different types people.

Mindfulness can be the key to good health

If you are affected by stress, anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, mindfulness may offer the help you have been looking for. Esker Retreat House in Athenry will host a day-long mindfulness retreat on Sunday August 26. You will learn how to calm your busy mind and free yourself from discursive thoughts, mental chatter, stress and worries.

How mindfulness can help with stress

Mindfulness has been described as: ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally’. (Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn).


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