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Flood fears recede in Athlone as south takes brunt of latest storms

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Fears for a repeat of the devastating floods of late 2009 receded this week after the south of the country took the brunt of the bad weather thus taking the pressure off Athlone.

Teen burglar’s escape attempt fails as he is returned to jail for further month

A teenage boy, regarded as one of Athlone’s most prolific burglars, made a failed attempt to abscond from custody on Wednesday (February 27) as he was being led from the courthouse to the prison van to return to detention.

Probation service saves leaky garda basher from jail

A man who assaulted three gardaí after being arrested for urinating in the street avoided a jail sentence in the District Court this week (September 7) because of a favourable probation report, but will still have to do 150 hours of community service.

Three Westmeath women appear before judge after Clara market melee

Three Westmeath women have been warned that if they engage in further violent disorder, they will be jailed.

Judge gives birthday present to newborn

A newborn in Athlone will be smiled upon a little more this week after its arrival prompted a judge to let mum off her traffic summons (September 23).


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