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No major road works in Mayo until 2015

Mayo County Council senior engineer Joe Beirne gave a warning to the elected members of Mayo County Council that he couldn’t see any major roads projects starting in Mayo in the next six years. Beirne was informing the council of the roads programmes for 2009 at the council’s annual budget meeting.

Ballina Town Council

Total poll: 4,590

Gallagher brothers’ invitation Round Our Way causes controversy in council

A proposal by Fine Gael Councillor Michelle Mulherin for Mayo County Council to award a civic reception to Liam and Noel Gallagher from the band Oasis, kicked off a furious debate at the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council this week.

Pressure on housing Minister to announce funding for St Patrick’s estate

Residents of St Patrick’s housing estate in Ballina will have their fingers crossed today that a visit to the estate by a government minister will follow with an announcement of funding for much-needed refurbishment works.

Anger at €11.7 million investment in Mayo Roads

Mayo has been allocated €11.7 million under the National Roads Programme 2009 but there has been anger expressed at what was dubbed “the crumbs off the table”.

Westport’s ‘can do’ spirit rubbing off on Ballina

The Grassroots in Westport aren’t happy if last week’s article is anything to go by. Nothing happening apparently, all the Government’s fault, etc, etc. But they’re forgetting that Westport has had it good for a long time in comparison to the rest of the county. And the reason they’ve had it so good is because there’s a ‘can do’ attitude in Westport that up until recently wasn’t really replicated in Ballina or Castlebar. Westport is the tourism Mecca it is today because the Covies stood up in the 70s and decided to make it that way. They put their money where their mouths were and invested considerable sums of their own money in to getting it there. That investment alongside some incredibly biased treatment from Board Fáilte and then Fáilte Ireland (memo to Fáilte Ireland - there’s more to Mayo then Westport) has made Westport the beauty it is today. Governments don’t win Tidy Towns — communities do and the ‘can do’ spirit fostered by the business community is now part of the overall Covie spirit. And in these times, that spirit, not whinging, is needed more then ever, that spirit, not whinging, will sustain Westport through these incredible times.

Mulherin questions long term lease plan — is it for the benefit of builders or people?

Fine Gael county councillor Michelle Mulherin questioned the use of the new long term lease plan announced by the Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal, Michael Finneran TD recently. Minister Finneran announced the €20 million project when he was in Ballina recently to announce the multi million euro funding for the rejuvenation of St Patrick’s Estate in the town.

Hub status denying Castlebar and Ballina groups access to Leader funds

Ballina’s hub status, once viewed as a positive label for the town, is now working to the detriment of small local businesses and organisations with the loss of a potential €2 million funding for the town.

Natural gas arrives in Ballina

Bord Gáis celebrated the arrival of natural gas to Ballina with one of the first customers in the town to connect to the network, Market Lane Restaurant. Mayor of Ballina Councillor Michelle Mulherin, and CEO of Ballina Chamber Sandra Cribben joined Bord Gáis Networks staff and complex owners Keith and Siobhan Brennan to celebrate the switching on of natural gas by restaurateur and chef Kieran Sweeney.

Ballina councillors approve raising of loan for Clúid scheme

The elected members of Mayo County Council from Ballina approved the raising of a loan of €12.9 million for the provision of a 66-unit housing development in St Patrick’s Estate in Ballina by Clúid Housing Association. Senior executive officer Paul Benson outlined to the members the reason for the raising of this loan. He told the members that the council would raise the loan and hand the money over to Clúid for the scheme, but the council would be reimbursed fully by central government the amount of the loan and any charges that were applied on it. He also informed the members that the tendering process was well under way for the project and that he was still confident that work would be under way on the scheme before the summer.


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