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Fat is necessary for life but unfortunately many of us consume the wrong types of fat. Our intake of different fats has changed markedly during the last century. We eat far more saturated fats and vegetable oils which contain omega-6 fatty acids, whereas our intake of fatty fish oils (omega-3) has decreased by 80 per cent during the last 80 years. We eat much less fish today, so most of us suffer from a deficiency of omega-3 fatty oils.

Put a spring in your step

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If winter has taken its toll on you and you feel weary and lack energy maybe you should consider getting a tonic to restore your lost vitality.

Food for your brainFood for your brain

Omega 3 is proven to greatly help concentration, learning, healthy brain development and function. In short, omega 3 is brain food. Now that exam time is upon us, a new website has just been launched by TV presenter and teacher, Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabháin — — which explains how and why omega 3 is beneficial for students, parents and people’s health in general.

Fresh foods for the summer

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These days, the idea of eating foods ‘in season’ has nearly lost its meaning. Worldwide distribution has now made a variety of foods available all year round. However, buying seasonally harvested and locally grown produce from farmers’ markets and local grocers not only helps sustain regional agriculture, but also assures you’re getting the highest quality in freshness and taste.

Boost your Omega 3 when pregnant

Did you know that about 75 per cent of brain cells are in place before birth and the other 25 per cent are in place by the age of one year? That a newborn baby’s brain grows to almost three times its size at birth and that 60 per cent of the fats in the brain are Omega 3 with DHA – the important one for brain development?

Recession may be bad for your heart, says Croi

The recession may be bad for your heart - that’s the warning from local heart charity Croí. It says because of the economic downturn people may opt for unhealthy processed foods which are often perceived as cheaper to buy.


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